Reproduce Your Own Artwork with a Very Good Equipment for Printing

Creating artworks is a very challenging and demanding process. It definitely has its own set of unique situations, but at the same time it also brings in front some good results too. But what can you do if you want to create prints from your artwork? Centuries ago, artists used plates and that was quite a good way for them to showcase their art. But nowadays printing your artwork is a very good idea.

Art by Aboriginal Artist Jordana Angus
Art by Aboriginal Artist Jordana Angus


What do you need to Print any Artwork?
The best thing you can get is a professional grade printer. The reason why you want a professional grade unit is because it’s more accurate, reliable and very easy to use. It allows you to focus on every detail, and the printing process is fast too. So you can easily get multiple prints done super fast.
Of course, you also have to think about the resolution. The total resolution matters a lot here, because you don’t want to print a low resolution. So the higher resolutions will help you a lot, just try to take that into consideration if you can.


Colour Laser Printer with LED Technology
Maybe you haven’t heard about this Printer Brand before. If not, I tell you, they are for real. They innovated the use of digital LED technology on it’s printers since the late 1990s. It’s just like the LED computer screens, it is sharper than a normal LCD screen.

With an LED printer, In every printing that you do, it produces a high definition print that is sharp and more detailed than your normal laser printer. LED printers are also more economical in the long run due to the fact that the LED components have taken over the more complicated standard laser printer mechanism. As you might have heard many times, The less moving parts the less chance it will likely to breakdown.

This company have created printers that are specifically for printing art and graphic materials. They are called the Pro Series Graphic Arts Printers, as of this writing the models available in Australia are Pro6410 NeonColor, Pro7411WT, Pro8432WT, Pro9431dn, Pro9541dn, and Pro9542dn. They also have those Large Format Printer models that are specially design for graphics, they are: ColorPainter E-64s, ColorPainter M-64s, ColorPainter H3-104s and that’s it i think. The Executive Series(ES) are mainly for office & business but are also good for printing arts as well. Here are the ES models: ES8473, ES8433, ES7470, ES7480, ES7412, ES6412, ES5473 & ES5442. Products like the ES9466, ES9476 & ES7170 are big colour & mono Multifunction printers. For more information, you can ring CopySmart, a Sydney based OKI Dealer/Supplier & Authorised Repair Centre. Visit website here. They also offer Used Photocopier and Printer.

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If you want to research more about graphic printers, you can go directly to this Canon & HP Supplier Product page here.

A3 Colour LED Laser Printer
A3 Colour LED Laser Printer

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Creating Prints
The thing you need to do is to scan the canvas paintings at around 600 DPI, even higher if you can for example. This does provide you with enough quality to deliver large size pictures. Some printers actually handle paper that goes up to 19” in width, but even so you shouldn’t go that high unless you really need it.

Some people will go with 1200 DPI, but the quality you get from such a scan allows you to make massive prints. However, you have to stick to what your unit can do, so don’t focus on overusing the product more than it can actually provide you with.
After you scan your work, it’s a good idea to work in Photoshop a tiny bit. This will help you adjust the brightness, light levels and so on. Basically you want to work on removing stuff that went wrong during the scanning phase. But you can also make some minor adjustments if you want, which is really nice.

Make sure that you save the corrected file as a master edit and then you will have to use the printer and print everything. Use high quality printing paper and if possible try to frame your prints too. The best part is that you can adjust and adapt everything to your own printing experience. Just make sure that the quality you deliver is amazing and you will certainly enjoy the value and results as much as you can!

As you can see, printing your own artwork will require planning and the right equipment. However, if you’re an artist you will notice that the return on investment will be more than ok every time with stuff like this. Just try to adjust and adapt everything to suit your needs. Once you take your time and do a trial and error approach, you will have no problem finding the right ways to print your artworks. And from here to selling them for good money it will be one single step!

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