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 Social Planning and Violence

Exemplar Publications
Memmott, P. (1983) Social Structure and Use of Space amongst the Lardil. In Peterson, N. & Langton, M. (eds) Aborigines: Land and Land Rights. Canberra: Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies, pp. 33-65. Memmott, P. (1990) Sociospat...

Exemplar Technical Reports
1989 "Social Planning Report for Akngwertnarra (Morris Soak) Town Camp, Alice Springs (with further notes on Anhelke [Namatjira's] Camp)." [Prepared for Tangentyere Council.] 1990 "Social Planning Repor...

Exemplar Projects
INNER-CITY SYDNEY ABORIGINAL HOMELESS RESEARCH PROEJCT [Refer to the 'Projects' section of this website and for this project's details in the link above.]