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 Angela Kreutz

BPD Melb Dip-IngArch Stuttgart

PhD Research:

“Space Perceptions of Australian Aboriginal Peoples.”

The focus of this research will be the way in which indigenous Australians perceive space. It will investigate whether Aboriginal Australians have a sense or feeling for space that differs from that expressed by Western or European peoples, and seek to understand ideas of time and space from the alternate perspective. The Arrernte people of central Australia, who maintain key elements of their traditional lifestyle, will be the subject of this research.

The approach taken to research will be phenomenological, defining space perception through the experience of its users. It will examine the shifting relationship between space and movement, and culture and identity. The meaning of places is socially constructed over time through such practices as ceremony and ritual. These serve to connect metaphysical and real space for Aboriginal Australians. The way in which visual information is processed by the mind and how memory, experience, socialization and interest influence the process, will also be researched.

The research will be related to the design of living environments and generate solutions that will improve the wellbeing of Aboriginal Australians. The research results will be communicated through means other than writing, in order to break down language barriers. A series of short films will illustrate certain aspects of the thesis.







Angela Kreutz conducting her PhD fieldwork at Cherbourg Aboriginal community.

Selected publications:

Angela Kreutz Consultancy 2008 'Telling Our Story', DVD, Brisbane, produced and distributed by Queensland Government, Department of Communities.