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 Daniel Rosendahl

BSocSc (Hons Class 1) Qld

PhD Research: ‘Isolation, Insularity and Change: Geoarchaeological investigations of cultural landscapes of the Carpentaria people, Wellesley Islands.

Daniel's research aims to provide robust analytical data on the initial duration of Aboriginal occupation on the Wellesley Islands, Gulf of Carpentaria. The Gulf of Carpentaria is an enclave situated in the central north of Australia. Its feeding seas are the Arafura and Torres Strait. Characterised by a disparate and diverse cultural background, the Wellesley Islands are the last region in Australia to be settled by Europeans (Tindale 1977). This study will cross-reference archaeological and geological data to study variations in the insularity and isolation of the Wellesley Islander people and the pressures this had on cultural change and reproduction.

This research will build knowledge on the archaeological record as well as contribute to understanding how cultural reproduction occurs through processes of diffusion and cultural adoption or rejection of outside influences. Owing to the lack of publications and available data on the archaeology of the Wellesley Islands, the first aim is to increase the archaeological knowledge of the region. This will be achieved by reviewing the current state of knowledge, compiling field survey data, constructing sea-level maps and undertaking more basic survey and excavation work during field seasons. Building on the limited archaeological data that has been obtained to date, a contribution will be made to the body of knowledge available on the Wellesley Islands.

Selected Publications:

Rosendahl, D., Ulm, S., Tabrett, A., Moon, C. & Williams, J. 2008 A Story in Shells: Preliminary Archaeological Results from Sandalwood River, Mornington Island, Gulf of Carpentaria. Poster presented to the Australian Archaeological Association Annual Conference, Noosa, 3-6 December.

Rosendahl, D. 2007 'Settlement and occupation of the Wellesley Islands, southern Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia'. Paper presented at the World Archaeological Congress Inter-Congress: student e-sessions, Jamaica, May.

Rosendahl, D., Ulm, S., Moon, C. & Williams, J. 2007 'Islands in the Sun: Towards an Archaeology of the Wellesley Islands'. Paper presented to the Working Papers in Archaeology Seminar Series, University of Queensland, 19 October 2007.

Rosendahl, D., Ulm, S. & Weiser, M. 2007 'Using foraminifera to distinguish between natural and cultural shell deposits in coastal eastern Austtralia'. In Butzer, K.W., Grattan, J.P., Klein, R.G. & Rehren, T. (Eds) Journal of Archaeological Science, Vol. 34, pp. 1584-1593.

Rosendahl, D. 2006 'All the Small Things: The Refinement of Foraminiferal Analysis to Determine Site Formation Processes in Archaeological Sediments', in Australian Archaeology, Vol. 62, p. 65. [Thesis abstract.]

Rosendahl, D. 2006 'The Archaeology of the Aru Islands, Eastern Indonesia', Reviewed by D. Rosendahl in Ulm, S. & Ross, A. (Eds) Australian Archaeology, Vol. 63 Australian Archaeological Association Inc, St Lucia, pp.67-68.

Rosendahl, D., Memmott, P., Ulm, S., Lilley, I., Robins, R., Stock, E., Dalley, C., & Hain, E. 2006 'Understanding Isolation and Change in Island Environments: A Perspective from the Southern Gulf of Carpentaria'. Paper presented to the Australian Archaeology Association Annual Conference, Beechworth, December.