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Database creation
The Aboriginal Environments Research Centre is creating a web-accessible database of relevant bibliographic references and related images. It will provide ready access to research material for those involved in study and the making of architecture with Indigenous people throughout Australia.

Target audience
The availability of sources of this kind will enable researchers and practitioners to make more informed decisions while engaged in such fields as housing and settlement history, housing and health, housing stock management, construction, self-constructed shelters and camps, culturally-appropriate design and community infrastructure planning. Housing has remained a high priority in Indigenous affairs for many decades, yet widespread problems, particularly regarding health, persist. While tackling such questions of housing and infrastructure is one of the largest areas of government expenditure, comparatively little goes into its research. This database will contribute to the national resource base in an important and practical way.

The database will be available to customers over the Internet by subscription and copies will be made available on CD-ROM at a reasonable charge for those without convenient Internet access. It is intended that the database will be financially self-supporting.

Searching the database
The web search facility will allow users to access full bibliographic information about resources held at the AERC. Some full-text documents and photographs will be made available online through the database.

NB. Check back to this page regularly for updates on database progress and availability.