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 2000 Research Seminars & Colloquia

Aboriginal Environments Research Colloquium held on May 10, 2000.
Theme: Indigenous Housing and Settlement Research

* Introduction by Assoc Prof Memmott
* Keynote Address by Dr Helen Ross of A.N.U. "Sustainability in Aboriginal and Thai Housing."
* Shaneen Fantin "Cultural Change and Aboriginal Housing in Arnhem Land (PhD research)."
* Mark Moran "Aboriginal Housing and An Indigenous Settlement Taxonomy (PhD research)."
* Paul Memmott and Mark Moran "Aboriginal Settlements - a national overview (work in progress)."
* Paul Memmott, Stephen Long, and Shaneen Fantin "Evaluation of Aboriginal Housing in the Northern Territory."
* Commentatory by Helen Ross and Paul Memmott followed by General Discussion

Helen Ross is a social and environmental psychologist and a Fellow at the Centre for Resource and Environmental Studies (CRES) at ANU. She is an active researcher, postgraduate teacher and consultant in such areas as social impact assessment, crowding and privacy, household structures, environmental resource management and the sustainability of the built environment. She also has been involved with Aboriginal housing research for many years and is the author of "Just for Living, Aboriginal perceptions of housing in northwest Australia." (1987)

Aboriginal Environments Research Colloquium held on August 3, 2000.
Theme: Indigenous Housing and Settlement Research

* Introduction by Assoc Prof Memmott
* Lester Thompson "Philosophies of Aboriginal Housing Need in the 1960s and 1970s, and their relevance today." (PhD research).
* Jo Victoria "Assessing the Housing Needs of Young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People in Queensland." (M. Phil research).
* Shaneen Fantin "Social Science Methodology and Architectural Design Process." (PhD research)
* Steve Long "The 'Dangie, a case study of an Indigenous place complex." (PhD research)
* Jane Buzolic "Indigenous Intellectual Property Rights and Anthropology." (B.Des St. Hons research)
* James Davidson "Contemporary Vernacular Architecture of the Indigenous Mayan Peoples of Central America." (M.Phil proposal)
* Commentary by Bruce Walker and Paul Memmott, and General Discussion.
* Keynote Address by Dr Bruce Walker at the Abel Smith Lecture Theatre "The Great Divide: The Future for Sustainable Technology in Remote Australia."

Dr Bruce Walker was born in Sydney and is a Science graduate of UNSW. As part of his PhD he studied under Doxiadis at the Athens Centre of Ekistics in Greece before moving to live in a small Aboriginal community in north east Arnhem Land NT in 1973. He returned to Sydney from Arnhem Land in 1975 to complete his PhD thesis whereafter he taught engineering science in NSW. He has been based in Alice Springs for 20 years as the Director of the Centre for Appropriate Technology (CAT). CAT conducts a research and development program, providing information and practical assistance on technology options available to Indigenous people (predominantly in remote locations) wishing to control the impact of technology on their culture and chosen lifestyle. The Centre designs and develops technical hardware and through a process of community-centred development, ensures the sustainability of the chosen technologies. CAT also provides architectural design services, building and management training, and infrastructure planning for power systems, water supply, and waste water disposal. Dr Walker has worked on overseas projects with AusAid and United Nations agencies in Africa, Asia and the Pacific. He is a fellow of the Australian College of Education in Central Australia. He was recognised in 1999 with the award of a Clunies Ross Foundation National Science and Technology Medal. The medal is awarded to a person who has, often against difficulties and always with persistent commitment, made important and innovative contributions to science and its application for the economic, social and environmental benefit of Australia. He is a member of the Northern Territory Research and Development Advisory Council. Most recently Dr Walker has been prominent as a leader of the 'Desert Knowledge Consortium' (a group developing an innovatory future settlement vision for Central Australia), and received a Paul Harris Fellowship from Rotary.

Aboriginal Environments Research Colloquium held on November 29, 2000
Theme: Generating Indigenous Architecture

* Guest Presentation by Kevin O'Brien of Merrima Aboriginal Design, "On Generating Indigenous Architecture. Case studies from Australia, Hawaii, New Caledonia, New Zealand and British Columbia."
* Introduction by Assoc Prof Memmott
* Samer Akkach "Architecture as cultural critique." (Dr Akkach is the Director of the Centre for Asian and Middle Eastern Architecture, University of Adelaide)
* Mark Moran "The Cultural Evaluation of Indigenous Settlement Planning (case studies from Cape York Peninsula)." (PhD Research)
* Shaneen Fantin "Yolngu Ethno-architecture and Sacred Histories." (PhD Research)
* Steve Long "Models of Indigenous Place. Case studies from the Georgina River Basin." (PhD Research)
* Lester Thompson "Aboriginal Housing - Needs and Policy Models." (PhD Research)
* Jo Victoria "Indigenous Housing Needs in the Mossman private rental sector." (Masters Research)
* Commentatory by Dr Samer Akkach, and Dr Paul Memmott.