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 Native Title & Cultural Heritage

Provided below is a selection of the numerous books, journal articles and technical reports produced through the association between AERC and Paul Memmott & Associates. It illustrates well the group's long involvement in, and commitment to, the research of Aboriginal culture and environment.

Exemplar Publications
Memmott, P. (1980) The Nature of Place. In Man Environment Systems. Vol. 10, No. 3 & 4, pp. 160-168. Memmott, P. (1983) Social Structure and Use of Space amongst the Lardil. [Paper submitted to Land Rights Symposium, AIAS 21-22 May, 198...

Exemplar Technical Reports
1994 "Report on the Proposed Appointment of Aboriginal Trustees for the Transferable Reserves Lands at Normanton." [Includes model of social organisation and contact history. Prepared for the Minister for Family Service...

Exemplar Projects
Following are brief summaries of 5 exemplar projects that have been carried out by the PMA and AERC teams. GREATER MT ISA AREA ANTHROPOLOGICAL STUDY HOLDING TIT...