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 Yam Island Sports Pavilion

Principal AERC Staff:
Prof. Paul Memmott, Stephen Long and Karl Eckermann [Refer to the Staff Profiles for information about Memmott and Long.]

In early 2001, the consulting wing of the AERC, provided 'culturally appropriate' architectural design services to the Yam Island Community Council in the Torres Strait. These services consisted of the elaboration of three planning options for their proposed Yam Island Sports Pavilion. These options were all chosen for further development within the consulting project, after consideration of a number of other schematic alternatives.

A set of drawings for each option was produced and describe:

The spaces incorporated into the design and the materials to be used in construction.
What permutations of use can be achieved within these spaces.
The climatic performance of the building.

A small model of each option was constructed to assist people in understanding the arrangement of the spaces and the scale of the design.

(The options were coded as blue, black and yellow)