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Value of work

Value of the work undertaken by the AERC

Provides a national point of focus on issues of Indigenous housing and architecture, Indigenous culture and land issues, for academic, government and community sectors.

Has achieved a reputation throughout much of Australia (at least in four States) for conducting high quality work, resulting in daily enquiries from many individuals and groups, repeated consultancy requests and occasional invitations to lecture and publish.

Provides teaching for undergraduate students working in the School of Architecture in the University of Queensland.

The Centre is in the process of establishing a unique postgraduate focus in Indigenous Architectural Research, through the progression of students from the undergraduate course to completion of an undergraduate thesis, and finally to completion of postgraduate studies.

Has provided consulting services on practical problems to numerous Aboriginal agencies and groups throughout NSW, Qld, NT & WA, as well as to some government and private sector clients.

The AERC's Vision is to grow and maintain an internationally renowned centre of cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural people-environment research; building on the last 35 years of pure and applied research work in Aboriginal Australia as a base, and expanding to incorporate further projects in nearby Asia and Oceania, as well as globally.

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Last updated: Nov 7, 2011