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 Who we are

The Aboriginal Environments Research Centre (AERC) is a largely, self-supporting resource and research centre based in the School of Architecture at the University of Queensland (Australia). It was originally established in 1976 as t...

Objectives of the AERC To provide a specialised source of information for Indigenous communities and individuals, professional and government groups, academics and students. To provide a database for...

Value of work
Value of the work undertaken by the AERC Provides a national point of focus on issues of Indigenous housing and architecture, Indigenous culture and land issues, for academic, government and community sectors...

Adjuncts and Associates
Adjunct Associate Positions/Dr Joseph Reser, Dr Mark Moran, Alex Ackfun (SITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION) 1).  Dr Joseph Reser

Staff Profiles
Directors Professor Paul Memmott Consultants Frederick Spring Sandi Taylor Researchers Carroll Go-Sam Daphne Nash Kelly Greenop ...

Graduates & Student Profiles
Graduates   Allen Grant Catherine Keys Elizabeth Grant Emmanuel Pezres Jo Victoria Mark Moran Kevin O'Brien Stephen Long Stephanie Smith Shaneen Fantin ...

AERC Alumni