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Day-Time Shade

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Day-time Shade

Day-time Shade

Although the exact location of this photograph is unknown, the structure most likely belongs to the groups found to the west of Alice Springs, such as the Warlpiri and Luritcha. This shelter is predominatly a day-time shade constructed in a dome form by implanting the stems of branches in a circle of holes. It is designed to allow cooking winds to permeate through, but to filter out flies.

Original Caption

"Fire remains a source of life and great comfort to Aboriginal tribes throughout the desert regions, where camp is never made without a small fire." (Isaacs 1980:107)


AERC Reference No: C0/s24
Region: Central Australia
Photographer/Artist: R. Edwards

Source(s) of Image: Isaacs, J. (ed) 1980. Australian Dreaming: 40000 years of Aboriginal History, Lansdowne Press, Sydney, p. 107

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Last updated: Oct 28, 2005