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 Aboriginal Camp

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Aboriginal Camp

Aboriginal Camp

The North-east Rainforest region extends from Cooktown to Cardwell, and inland on to the mountain ranges and tablelands. This village is in woodland not far from a mountainous rainforest area at Bellenden Ker in Yidinjdji country. The structures comprising it involve complex forms of intersecting domes. For example, the shelter on the left has an entrance porch made of a small dome attached to the main dome. The structure in the centre rear has a large internal space with at least four doorways, possibly for use by different co-wives in a polygynous marriage. (Memmott)

Original Caption

"Aboriginal Camp near Mt Massey, Bellender Ker."


AERC Reference No: N20/6-3b
Region: North-east rainforest
Place: Bellenden Ker, Mt Massey
Tribal/Language Group: Yidiny (or Yidinjdji) Language Group
Photographer/Artist: A.A. White
Date of Image: c.1904.
Other collection/reference nos.: John Oxley Library Negative Nos: 23908 and 58636

Source(s) of Image: The Queenslander, 2.4.1904 – 1a and API-3, p. 21.

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