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 Daphne Nash

Research Fellow
Daphne holds a PhD from the Australian National University in the field of Interdisciplinary Cross-cultural Research that explores representations of Indigenous knowledge in south-eastern Australia. She also holds an MA and a BLitt (with merit) from the ANU both of which focus on ethnobotanical and other environmental knowledge of Pintupi/Luritja people in Central Australia. Professional interests led to a Graduate Certificate in Applied Science - Cultural Heritage Management (UC) in 2003. Originally, Daphne graduated with a BA from the ANU followed by a Graduate Diploma of Education (secondary).
As a Research Fellow at the Aboriginal Environments Research Centre, Daphne is involved in land management and social policy projects as well as graduate student supervision.


Recent Publications

Nash, D. [in press] ‘Heritage knowledge’: Indigenous people and fibre plants on the NSW South Coast. In The Artefact. Special Edition. Edited by Lynette Russell and Zane Ma Rhea. [Paper accepted March 2010.)

Nash, D. 2010 From shell work to shell art: Koori women creating knowledge and value on the South Coast of NSW. craft + design enquiry 2, [online] At

Nash, D. 2009 Contingent, contested and changing: De-constructing Indigenous knowledge in a science curriculum resource from the south coast of New South Wales. Australian Journal of Indigenous Education, 38(Supplement), 25-33.